LEAP part 2

The second master class: The Microsoft Data Platform and Business Intelligence

The second master class of LEAP Norway was presented by Jon Jahren from Microsoft Consulting Services Norway.

This master class gave an overview of the Microsoft products and architectures for Business Intelligence (BI).

 Master class summary

  • BI introduction
    • Competitors
    • How to introduce BI to a company
    • Microsoft’s vision and strategy for BI
    • Demo of current Sharepoint BI solution
    • Demo of data mining in Excel 2008 SP2
      • Retrieve data from Analysis Services
      • Generate forecast
    • Microsoft’s BI stack
      • Office, Sharepoint Server and SQL Server
  • BI technical architecture
    • ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)  -> Presentation Server -> Client
    • Kimball method fundamentals for Data Warehousing
    • The Star Model
    • Biztalk vs. SSIS
      • Biztalk is message-based
      • Both products have very similar features, but SSIS have much better performance
      • In the latest versions, both can share the same adapters (WCF based)
    • SSIS demo
    • OLAP demo
      • Create Data Source View
      • Create Cube
      • Deploy
      • MOLAP with realtime proactive caching
      • Microsoft’s strategy is to use ONE cube for all perspectives
        • A “perspective” is a view of the cube for a specific report
        • All fact and dimension tables in ONE cube
  • Metadata
    • Use Sharepoint for metadata
    • MDM – Master Data Management
      • Avoid duplicate entities
      • Estimated 5 – 15% of  all data is duplicated in large enterprises
      • A new MDM application platform is  to be released by Microsoft
      • Business Data Hub
        • In the cloud
      • PAXOS
        • Algorithm for fault-tolerant distributed computing
  • The future of BI
    • Load -> View -> Model
      • Create model automatically based on usage, instead of creating the model first
    • IMDB
      • In-memory storage for performance
      • Is the underlying engine for self-service BI
      • SQL Server Gemini
        • Add-in to Excel 14 for self-service BI
        • Supporting millions of rows

Next master class: SOA on the Microsoft platform with Udi Dahan

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